Tracy Faulkner

Biofeedback Specialist
What to Expect
Quantum Biofeedback is a non-invasive procedure that allows the client to relax for approximately forty-five minutes while the specialist administers the Biofeedback. The client reclines in a chair while the specialist attaches the LifeSystem harness to the client, allowing the biofeedback machine to scan the body identifying the top physical and emotional stressors. Once identified the machine sends small electrical impulses throughout the body "feeding back" to the body the healthy state, or state of homeostasis. Healing begins when the cells within the body start replicating the healthy vibration the electrical impulses provided through the biofeedback. Illness and emotional distress occur when cells within the body are "out-of-balance".

Typically, a client requires four treatments administered one week apart. After the initial four appoinments a client may require one session a month for two to three months. However, other individuals may achieve their intended goal within the initial four appointments and may only need to come back once or twice a year for a "tune-up". Additional sessions may be required should a new emotional or physical event occurs.
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